Seeds of Thought

Welcome to the online edition of Seeds of Thought, the monthly newsletter published by Crofton Village Garden Club and distributed to members at our monthly meetings.  Now you can download each issue in PDF format to view or save. (If the link to any issue is missing, the content has not been provided to the web master for publishing online.)

The most recent issue will always be on top.







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2 Responses

  1. Do you have a list of the original members? My mother was in the club Nancy L. Vincent, we lived on Trent Street in the 60’s to 1977.

    • Crofton Village Garden Club was founded in April 1969 by Dolores Schueneman*, our first president, and these nine members: Mina Akers, Kathryn Callahan, Bettie Coleman*, Lyda Cavanaugh*, Sandra Diamond, Audrey Kassatly*, Florence Petry*, Bonnie Suave and Bernie Robertson. Kathryn Callahan and Bernie Robertson are still members, but their health no longer allows them to participate as active members. I was a member in the early 70’s, but we moved to S.C. in 1975. Margaret Woda

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