Marcia Richard
Dear Garden Club Members and Friends,

Crofton Village Garden Club will continue to support, share and promote the projects and programs of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. that include protecting our aquatic ecosystems, educating our members on becoming caretakers of the planet, and archiving our accomplishments.

Our monthly meetings will continue to support Bay-Wise Maryland as more of our club members become Bay-Wise certified and support the conservation efforts of our local and state governments to preserve our ecosystem and the waterways which connect to our precious Chesapeake Bay. Our club will continue to support Bay-Wise practices as we work to exceed the current 60 percent members who are Bay-Wise certified.

Our club received a Maryland Unity Grant to install a pollinator garden at the library. This was a team effort with the Master Gardeners, members of our club, and the Patuxent Nursery who donated compost to the project. Community members, families and young children helped in planting over 90 plants in the garden.

Thus, our focus for this upcoming year will be to develop schematic plans for Crofton Library and its public spaces. Our club reached out to other service organizations to invite them to join ranks with us to design, develop and implement other bio- indicators for the library’s public areas; in addition, a master plan and schedule for maintenance of surrounding plantings at the library has been drafted.

This pollinator garden will serve as an educational piece for our young children as they need to understand the importance of pollinators in our life and especially for food source for the world.

As a result of the pollinator garden, the horticulture segments of our club’s meetings will focus on educating club members of the role of the native pollinators and plants and the importance of leaving natural areas in our lawns, parks, and forests.

I encourage you to live every day as though it is Earth Day so we can protect our planet earth for future generations.

Marcia Richard


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