How to Use the CVGC Website

Library is an essential element in promoting our club’s activities, in accordance with our club objective: To promote and carry out activities that will stimulate member and community interest in horticulture, conservation, and floral design. A secondary objective for the website is internal communication.

Whether you’re a new club member or a recent subscriber to the website, just think of this website as your online Yearbook because it contains the same information that is in the 2015-2016 Yearbook – but it’s updated more frequently than the Yearbook – and it’s online, so you can access it from anywhere at any time. But that’s not all…  there’s also a whole lot of information that you won’t find in your Yearbook, such as links in the left column to the websites of other garden clubs, organizations, public gardens, and vendors. 

The Home Page is stationary. The center section and right column simply provide a brief intro about the Crofton Village Club to visitors who may not be familiar with us. But let’s start at the top of the page, where you will see five tabs to help you navigate the website: 

ABOUT: If you hover over this tab lightly, a menu of links will appear that take you to the President’s Message, Programs, Projects, and the Calendar that appear in your Yearbook. If you know anyone who is thinking about joining our club, be sure to refer them to this tab on our website. Several new members have indicated that this was very helpful in their decision to join our club. This information was compiled with input from all of the Executive Officers and Committee Chairs, and provided to the webmaster by Yearbook Chair Bev Frye.

Linthicum WalksBLOG : Whenever a new article is posted to the blog, subscribers receive a notice in their email account. The Blog is updated more frequently than other sections of the website, in part because several members contribute content for posting. Did you see the post about TLC – The Linthicum Crew?  Nancy Percivall provided information about this ongoing project, as well as a photo of TLC at work. Click here to read it.

Doris Smith created a slideshow of photos taken at our 2015 Standard Flower Show. If you missed that post, click here to see it.

In fact, why don’t you click on the BLOG tab and scroll on down the page to view other posts… Topics range from recent meetings to educational material to information about our club’s fundraising efforts.

CVGC Adkins ArboretumPHOTOS: Photos submitted by club members are often posted to this section, but you will not receive an email notice about new photos… you just have to click on that tab periodically to see if you’re in any newly added photos. 

To share your photos on the website, please send the unedited digital file to Margaret Woda.

MEMBERS: If you hover over this tab lightly, a menu of links will appear that take you to our monthly newsletter, Seeds of Thought (provided monthly by Linda Childs), ByLaws (provided by Bev Frye), a list of Executive Officers and Committee Chairs (provided by Marcia Richard), and a pass-word protected PRIVATE directory of club members, including contact information (JoAnn Cook). The password for access to the PRIVATE directory can be found in your CVGC Yearbook on Page 36.

JoAnn personally updates this information frequently, adding names and contact info for new members and updates for anyone who notifies her about a new email address, phone number, or home address. This is the most up-to-date source for this information.

If you misplace your Seeds of Thought, just click on the link for the month you want… that issue will appear in living color on your computer screen.

CONTACT: This information is provided for non-members who want to contact the President, Membership Chair, or Webmaster.

But is not just for members! Our website provides ongoing exposure for the club’s activities within and beyond our community. This has no doubt contributed to new opportunities we’ve enjoyed in recent months and years for collaboration with the Master Gardeners of Anne Arundel County, local Home Owner’s Associations, Crofton Library, Friends of Historic Linthicum Walks, the Crofton Civic Association, and other community organizations.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the website. It truly is a group effort by many club members! We hope everyone finds to be helpful and enjoyable.

Please encourage other members, as well as prospective new members, to subscribe for email updates.


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