The Linthicum Crew at Linthicum Walks

The Linthicum Crew

Crofton Village Garden Club members Bev Frye and Nancy Percivall are founding members of TLC, otherwise known as The Linthicum Crew, at Linthicum Walks.


Photo: Margaret Woda

Working together with other volunteers, they have undertaken the challenge of restoring and maintaining the grounds of Crofton’s historic landmark, originally a 369-acre farm developed around 1669.

Background on Linthicum Walks, located at 2295 Davidsonville Road:

If you’re not familiar with the history of Linthicum Walks, take a minute to read this recent article by Wendi Winters, which appeared in the Capitol Gazette earlier this month: Home of the Week: Linthicum Walks is getting ready for its close-up.  Another resource you may want to check out is the Maryland Historical Trust.TLC The 

Crofton Park and Crofton Middle School now sit on the property, which was acquired by Anne Arundel County around 1980, but a six acres tract was preserved and listed on the National Historic Registry. This property is now leased by a group of local volunteers known as The Friends of Linthicum Walks who act as stewards for the remaining 1870’s-era farmhouse, dairy house, and family cemetery.


Photo: Barry Gay

TLC, originally known as The Linthicum Chicks, was founded in 2013 to prepare the grounds of Linthicum Walks for Crofton’s 50th Anniversary celebration. The name was changed after a number of men joined the project… now The Linthicum Crew.

Volunteers meet every Monday at 10 a.m., weather permitting, but there’s no requirement to participate every week and no need to be a garden club member.

Stop by next Monday to meet some of the volunteers and see first hand what they’re doing to care for the grounds by using Bay-friendly practices. You might even learn something that you can apply in the care of your own yard!

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  1. Thanks for the info, Nancy, and for all you do!

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