Crofton Village Garden Club September Kick-off for 2015-2016

Gardeners Make a Difference

Master Gardener and Bee Keeper Mary Yee

Master Gardener MARY YEE

Club members enjoyed an information-packed meeting on September 2, beginning with a briefing by each of the committee chairs to announce their plans for the upcoming year. This was especially helpful to the many new members who have joined Crofton Village Garden Club over the past year or two, but everyone seemed to enjoy hearing the information.

Two new projects for 2015-2016 include a Pollinator Garden at the Crofton Library and a Community Stewardship Project in which members assist community associations with choosing native plants to enhance the landscaping at their entrances. Both of these projects are being done in collaboration with the Master Gardeners of Anne Arundel County.

Our Committee Chair for Conservation and Horticulture Nancy Percivall joined with Master Gardner and Beekeeper Mary Yee to share information on some of the many ways that gardeners make a difference – from bee-keeping to Bay-Wise landscaping practices. There is just no end to what we learn through garden club that can be applied in our own gardens!

Left to Right: New Member NAME, Sponsoring Member DIANE GALLOW, and Membership Chair, JOANN COOK.

Left to Right: New CVGC Member CAROL MCNEMAR, Sponsoring Member DIANE GALLOW, and Membership Chair, JOANN COOK.

Members visited historic Linthicum Walks at the program conclusion to see first-hand the devastating effects of invasive plants, and then toured Gail Brook’s Bay-Wise Certified yard. Watch for more information about the club’s work at Linthicum Walks in a blog feature that will be posted in October. Members are encouraged to join the volunteers who meet weekly at Linthicum Walks to help restore the grounds. Contact Nancy Percivall for information about the day and time as well as helpful tools you might bring from home.

Many thanks to the hostesses for our September meeting: Cathy Gallagher, Jennifer Castle, Harriet Kiilehua, Joanne O’Malley and Mary Jo Shook.

Cathy Gallagher, Sue Hoge, Shirley Levendoski, and Marcia Richard created “A Mass Arrangement” for the September design exhibit.

Welcome to new Crofton Village Club Member Carol McNemar! If you are interested in joining our club, please click on the Contact tab at the top of this page and reach out to our Membership Chair for information.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”
Native American Proverb

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