Decorating the Village Green – A CVGC Tradition

Village Green 2014 - CJ Salisbury

Palmer and C.J. Salisbury hanging a wreath at the Crofton Village Green (2014)

Harriet Kiilehua led this year’s efforts by Crofton Village Garden Club to decorate the Village Green for the holidays, assisted by several members and even some members’ spouses. This community service project is supported by wreath sales to club members and Village Green businesses.

Volunteers enjoyed the unseasonably warm day as we hung wreaths on lamp posts and delivered wreaths to Crofton public schools, the Crofton Library, and Village Green businesses. It’s something we’ve been doing for our community since the club’s founding in the 1960’s, and we hope everyone enjoys seeing these decorations throughout the holiday season.

3 Responses

  1. Margaret ,

  2. Margaret you might also mention Larry, town manger in picking up the wreath at my house every year and replacing all the burnt out bulbs along with the town maintenance man. They also hang it and take it back down at the end of the season and then rehang it in my garage. Just a thought. Jane

  3. Great job!

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