CVGC Memories

Vintage Photos from Crofton Village Garden Club

Crofton Village Garden Club was founded in 1969, and members have participated in many community activities since then.

Here’s one photo of garden club members giving a ride to Woodsy Owl in a community parade – probably a July 4 parade during the 1970’s. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

Crofton Village Garden Club Vintage Photo

Crofton Village Garden Club Vintage Photo. (Source: CVGC Scrapbook)

If you recognize anyone in this photo or know the year and other details about this photo, please enter the information in the comment section below.

You can taken your vintage CVGC photos to Margaret Woda at the next meeting so she can post them to our website. Your photos will be scanned and returned the same day.

2 Responses

  1. Fabulous!

  2. Margaret, Love the Woodsy Owl picture! The 50th Committee is looking for vintage pictures to decorate for the Oktoberfest (Oct. 25th) at the Country Club! Where did you get it? It’s a hoot!

    I hope you can join us! Our son (Bryan -Studio Musician from Ny) will be playing with a 50’s -60’s band ‘ Brit Pack’. It should be a blast! Normally the 50th Committee couldn’t afford this group but since the band isn’t going thru their agent and it’s a family event they said they’d do it – on one condition -if they could stay at our house and we fed them crabs. This is just one of many groups Bryan plays with. Let me know if you need tickets.

    Great job on updating us with the website! Nancy

    P.S. did you see that house on Pleasant Meadow with the new grey/blue Shake siding? It looks fantastic! Thanks again for your help with convincing the rest of the Architectural Committee!

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