New Cherry Trees Planted by CVGC

New Cherry Trees Planted on Crofton Parkway
by the Crofton Village Garden Club

Cherry Blossoms

Did you notice the newly planted cherry trees along Crofton Parkway between Layton and Spring Green?

Proceeds from Crofton’s 50th Anniversary House Tour in December funded the club’s most recent beautification project, the planting of cherry trees along Crofton Parkway to replace trees that were injured, diseased or, in some cases, where cherry trees had never been planted.

A ceremonial planting ceremony on May 19, 2014, was attended by Larry Schweinsburg, Crofton Civic Association town manager, and Steve Grimaud, civic association president, who represented the community, along with Marcia Richard, CVGC president, and Jane McClanahan, tree planting project leader.

Everyone loves Crofton’s beautiful cherry trees in bloom, and club members are looking forward to seeing the new trees in bloom next spring.


Other community projects sponsored by Crofton Village Garden Club include seasonal decorations at Crofton Village Green, the Crofton Library and Crofton Schools in December, the Crofton Rain Garden near the front gates, the Blue Star Memorial marker and garden at the entrance to Crofton Library, and the memorial garden at the Crofton Village Green.


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