Crofton Rain Garden in Bloom

Crofton Rain Garden

Click on this image of the Crofton Rain Garden to enlarge it. (Copyright MWoda 2013. All rights reserved.)

In case you haven’t noticed, the  rain garden at the foot of Crawford Boulevard in Crofton, near Lake Louise, is in bloom.

Crofton Village Garden Club partnered with other community organizations in 2011 to design and build this rain garden for the purpose of reducing and mitigating stormwater damage to creeks, streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. This is achieved by diverting rain water from Crawford Boulevard to the rain garden rather than the stormwater drains on Route 3, where it previously flowed.

All of our members participated in the 2010 High Tea and Fashion Show, Plant it Pink, which funded our donation to the Crofton Rain Garden, and about a third of our members helped to plant the garden.

The Crofton Village Garden Club received two major awards for our involvement in this community-wide project:  The Evelyn M. Cotton Maryland Conservation Award and Joanna Tilghman Environmental Awareness Award.

Click on Crofton Village Garden Club Projects for information about our other club projects, including the Blue Star Memorial at Crofton Library, holiday decorations in Crofton, and more.

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