Club Member’s Art on Display in Annapolis

Did you know we have a talented and renowned artist in our midst?  If not, perhaps that’s due to the fact that she uses the name “Roseanne Colvard” professionally – at garden club, we know her as Roseanne Thiel.

Roseanne is the featured artist of the month, from June 9 to July 11, at Ristorante Piccola Roma in Annapolis.

Crofton Village Garden Club members are invited to attend a reception on Wednesday, June 20, at 200 Main Street in Annapolis.  Cocktails will be served at 5:30, followed by dinner 6:30-8:30.  Enjoy a signature drink inspired by Roseanne’s art, and discover for yourself her amazing talent.


One Response

  1. The reception was well-attended by art lovers, friends, neighbors and some garden clubbers. Very nice event, an impressive display of Roseanne’s art, and an excuse to visit an Annapolis restaurant I’ve never been to before.

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