Weed Your Garden Day – June 13

June 13 has been designated as “Weed Your Garden Day,” so let’s use this as an excuse to learn about noxious weeds in Maryland – i.e., weeds that are designated as injurious to agriculture, horticultural crops, natural habitats, ecosystems, livestock or humans.

Johnsongrass (USDA Image)

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has declared thistles, Johnsongrass, and shattercane as prohibited noxious weeds in Maryland. These weeds must be controlled by anyone owning or managing land within the State. Once the plants have matured, seeds from these noxious weeds are transported by wind, water, and man, threatening the productive land of farmers, causing unsightly and unwanted problems in lawns and gardens of homeowners, and interfering with roadside plant management, often growing tall enough to obstruct visibility for drivers.

Mowing, cultivation, and/or treatment with approved herbicide are acceptable control practices .  If you suspect one of these weeds is invading your property or a nearby area, contact the Maryland Department of Agriculture for further information about the Noxious Weed Law.

A brochure describing these weeds, including color photos, can be viewed and printed when you click on Maryland Noxious Weeds I.D.

Now that you know how bad weeds CAN be, those little weeds in your lawn and plant beds don’t seem so overwhelming, do they?  What are you waiting for… it’s time to get outside and start weeding.  After all, this is Weed Your Garden Day!



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