Crofton Rain Garden Comes to Life

Crofton Village Club is proud to participate in “Protecting Our Aquatic Eco-System” – a special project of Shirley Nicolai, president of our parent organization, National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Marcia Richard presented funds to the CCA from our club for the rain garden.

With the aquatic ecosystem push,” Shirley says, “we hope to encourage our members to develop and implement strategies to safeguard at least one threatened ecosystem in their respective areas.”

In our area, no aquatic ecosystem is more important than the Chesapeake Bay.  That’s why our club has worked for two years with community leaders, other organizations, environmentalists, engineers, landscapers, Anne Arundel County officials and citizen volunteers to create a rain garden on the north side of Crawford Boulevard, behind the front gate of Crofton.  Our donation of $3,000 helped fund the project, along with a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

This rain garden will help reduce and mitigate storm water damage to creeks, streams, rivers and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay by diverting rain water run-off to the rain garden, rather than the storm drain on Rt. 3 where it has flowed in the past.  Construction began in May, and several garden club members participated in a Community Planting Day last week.

Garden clubbers Harriet Kiilehua and Joanne O’Malley shared the photos they took at the planting event.  Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Crofton rain garden

Plants were in place before volunteers place, when volunteers arrived to start planting

Crofton Village Garden Club members participated in planting the rain garden.

Volunteers listened to instructions, before getting started.

Harriet and Warren Kiilehua

Volunteers at work!

Nearly finished.

It will be fun to watch our garden grow.

Many thanks to community residents who attended our Plant it Pink Fashion Show and High Tea in 2010, which supported the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization and the Crofton Rain Garden.


Photos are copyright by Harriet Kiilehua or Joanne O’Malley, and they may not be copied in any form without written permission of the photographer.

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