It’s never too early to introduce your kids to gardening

Gardening is a pastime that brings enjoyment to those who do it AND those who view the results of a gardener’s efforts.  And it’s a pastime we can enjoy for decades!

Spring is the perfect season for sharing the love of gardening with your children, grandchildren, and maybe even your young neighbors.

Dandelions for Mommy

I wonder if my mother had any idea that she was inspiring a future gardener when she sent me out into the yard as a small child to dig up dandelions.  At the time, this felt like such an important “big girl” job!  Decades later, I realize she was probably just trying to occupy my time and keep me from being bored, but this is my earliest memory of gardening.

Of course, I carefully picked the yellow “flowers” and set them aside to make a bouquet for my mom before digging up the remainders for a bounty of a penny for each dandelion plant.

I couldn’t help thinking about this on Thursday, as I sat in my garden digging up dandelions with a grapefruit knife.  Yes, a grapefruit knife.  The serrated edge and slight curve on the end makes it a perfect tool for this task.  It goes deep into the soil under the plant to loosen the dirt around the dandelion and pull it out, roots and all.  It also works well for those wandering ground covers that sneak outside the borders of a bed and pop up a few feet away in the lawn.

What is your earliest memory of gardening?  Was it something that began in your own yard or did a classroom project inspire you?

As you think about this, consider how you can share the joy of gardening with your children and grandchildren.  They’ll still be thanking you many years from now.

Margaret Woda


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