Golden Spades Expands Membership

Many Crofton Village Garden Club members participate in the Golden Spades group at Homestead Gardens.  Now more of us will be eligible, according to this update by Gene Sumi, Education Coordinator at Homestead Gardens.

Lower Age Requirement for Golden Spades

When we began the Golden Spades group (at Homestead Gardens) a few years ago, the age minimum was set at 55 years old. We set this minimum based on looking at what many local businesses use to qualify a person for their “senior citizens discounts.” Our own Senior Appreciation Days every Wednesday sets the minimum age for the senior discount at age 62.

Our group is one which receives much of its interesting nature and vitality from the members who attend and share their experience, as much as it does from the lectures. Many who wanted to attend were a bit younger than our minimum, but they were encouraged to sit in on our garden lectures. More than one have suggested that we lower the minimum age to 50, just like AARP. That would include them and many others who would be wonderful additions to our group, I’m sure.

So now we are extending an invitation to anyone age 50 or above to join us whenever they can come on the 1st Tuesday of each month to learn the many interesting practical and spiritual aspects of being in the garden.

Gene’s Garden Tips

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