Garden Club Website Makeover

The facelift to our club’s website provides a preview of what to expect with our 2011-2012 Crofton Village Garden Club yearbook.

Our newest project is highlighted in the right column:  Protecting Our Aquatic Ecosystem – a fancy name (borrowed from the NGC Special Project) of saying “Build Rain Gardens.”  Specifically, two streetside rain gardens next to Crawford Blvd. that will divert rainwater run-off from storm drains on Rt. 3.  This is a community-wide project, involving  many organizations and individuals, and our club is proud to participate.

You can click on “EVENTS” in the left navigation column to learn about our upcoming community events, A Christmas Village Christmas holiday house tour and a poster contest for elementary school students.  Plus… you’ll see a list of this year’s programs and projects, when you click on those links.

Updated member contact  info for Active and Associate Members has been posted to the “Members Only” section, so check the list to make sure your information is accurate.  If not, email the webmaster at  If you don’t remember the password for this section, email the webmaster, and be sure to put “CVGC” in the subject line.

The yearbook will be available for  Active and Associate members at the September meeting, and a limited number of them will be available for purchase “at cost” by Honorary and Emeritus members.


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