Composting – A Backyard Tip for Preserving the Chesapeake Bay

Backyard Tips for Preserving the Chesapeake Bay
Presented by the Crofton Village Garden Club

When you compost yard waste and non-meat kitchen scraps to use as mulch or till into garden and flower beds, it will improve soil health in your yard.   The Maryland Department of Agriculture provides this list of benefits from composting:


  • Improves the overall physical, chemical and biological properties of soil
  • Helps plants cope with drought conditions
  • Helps water penetrate hard, clay soils while increasing the water-holding capacity of sandy soils
  • Allows oxygen to reach plant roots
  • Provides the nutrients for plant growth while helping to promote healthy plants that are less susceptible to disease and insects
  • Stimulates root development in plants (holding soil in place is one of the most effective ways to control soil erosion)
  • Provides a food source for earthworms and other desirable macro and micro-organisms that benefit soil
  • Aids in seedling emergency by helping to prevent soil compaction and crusting.

Okay, now that you know composting is something we can and probably should do, you’re no doubt wondering HOW to compost.  Take a look back at this earlier post on the Crofton Village Garden Club website:  How to Compost Fall Leaves.

During the winter months, when you may not be working in your yard, you can enrich your compost pile by adding non-meat kitchen scraps to your compost pile.  You know, the core from a head of lettuce, potato skins, coffee grounds, stale bread…

Members of the Crofton Village Garden Club are committed to conservation, and we invite our neighbors to join us in doing what we can to help preserve the Chesapeake Bay.


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