Pruning your Dwarf Cherry Trees

Anything Crofton Village Garden Club members want to know about gardening, home repairs, technology… well, anything you want to know about any topic… is probably available on 

“Pruning Your Dwarf Cherry Trees” was the topic of their daily email today, and there were links for pruning a dwarf weeping cherry tree, a Japanese cherry tree, and even planting cherry trees.

Cherry BlossomThe article begins as follows:

Like all fruit trees, the dwarf cherry must be pruned carefully during the first three years of life. Pruning when the tree is young promotes a strong framework for the tree to withstand wind and weather and to produce fruit. Once the tree is past the three-year mark, a different pruning strategy for dwarf cherry comes into play—that of pruning the top third of the tree to control height and encourage horizontal spreading of branches, keeping the tree’s stature small.

Click through to read the entire article How to Prune Dwarf Cherry Trees to view the six easy steps that follow, and the trees in your Crofton yard will look their very best when you put those six steps to work.


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