Crofton Gardening Tip – Spring Flowering Bulbs

Daffodils, tulips and other flowering bulbs are such a delight throughout Crofton in Spring, but we can’t wait ’til then to plant them.  NOW is the time for doing that!


Your choice of bulbs is important – this is no time to skimp by shopping at your local dollar store.  Visit a local nursery or place your order through a reputable catalogue or website, such as Burpee’s.  Look for bulbs that are plump and firm, not soft or mushy, and avoid any that seem to have mold growing on them.  Keep in mind that larger bulbs are more likely to grow into beautiful healthy plants than smaller bulbs of the same variety.

Plant your bulbs in well-drained soil, at a depth 3 times their vertical diameter.


Daffodils on white background

There are hundreds of daffodil varieties and their growing season can extend several weeks if you choose a mix of bulbs, such as Burpee’s 100 Days Mix.  Daffodils are typically a golden yellow, but some varieties are lighter – almost white – and they can light up your home interior as well as your yard.

Daffodils are the centerpiece of Golden Days, a National Garden Clubs, Inc. project promoting the planting of daffodils in public places.  In fact, Crofton Village Garden Club has donated daffodil bulbs to the Crofton Library for planting near the entrance this fall for the entire community to enjoy in spring.


Tulips2If you’re looking for color variety in your spring garden, you’ll want to plant tulips.  Reds, yellows, purples, and oranges in every imaginable shade… Gorgeous, whether they’re planted one color en masse or mixed in any combination.  Tulips tend to bloom after many daffodil varieties have faded, so there’s no reason you can’t have both dressing up your garden.  As cut flowers, they are beautiful in a vase or in an arrangement with other spring flowers.


Hyacinth, Crocus, Anemone, Iris… the list is long, the flowers are gorgeous, and you’ll be wishing for a larger yard or more energy –  or both –  for planting more spring flowering bulbs.  You can purchase them locally at Homestead Gardens or Behnke’s Nursery (among others), or shop from home via catalogue or the Internet at a reputable company such as Burpee’s.

At the very least, you can educate yourself about the options by going online and checking out the different varieties with their special characteristics.



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