District II Director, Sylvia Deck, Says…

I have had the distinct pleasure of hosting Vision of Beauty Photo Shoots this summer.
I could not have done this alone.  Sunny Frank, Past President of Crofton Village Garden Club, was instrumental in the success of this dream I had – a vision that came to fruition.  Sunny has the patience of a saint and the eye of a professional photographer.  Thank you, Sunny, and thank you to your helpers as well!
I could not have done this alone.  Without Dorrie McDonald, Anna O’Kelly, Liz McGinniss, and Lucia DiRado and their entries and their support.  These gals came to the photo shoots, did designs and/or provided moral support for those that were doing designs.  Dorrie also provided some scrumptious blueberry cobbler (blueberries from her garden). Major YUM!
One can not have dreams like this and hope to accomplish them on their own.  I had a dream that Maryland would get a design or two in the calendar.  But you need your friends to come out and help you achieve this dream.  I was lucky.  Several of my friends came out and participated in this fun event.  Once you see the designs that were done, you will agree with me and say that we will be represented in the 2012 calendar.  I hope I didn’t just jinx us!
Today, I had the pleasure of UPS’ing 17 entries for consideration.  17!  Isn’t that fantastic!  Wowwee!   I have been told by a couple of other ladies that they are sending in pics of their gardens and of their designs on their own.  So hopefully Maryland will be well represented in the 2012 Vision of Beauty calendar.
I am working on getting a WRAP Party planned.  This party will have pictures of our designs on display.  I had all of the photo entries enlarged for your viewing pleasure.  When we get this party planned, we are hoping that you will attend and bring a friend along.  We hope it will inspire you to participate next year as well.  We are hoping your guests will be inspired to the point of joining a club.
So here is to friendship through flowers and photos.  We are all Visions of Beauty.  Enjoy your day and thank you ever so much for your support in my dreams!
Til I see you again, may your weeds be few and your blooms be many!

Sylvia Deck,
District II Director


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