August 25 Deadline for CVGC Yearbook Updates

CVGC YearbookYour CVGC Yearbook and Website Chair is already busy with preparations for the 2010–2011 edition of the Crofton Village Garden Club yearbook.

If all the required information is received from officers and committee chairs before August 25,2010, new yearbooks will be distributed at the September 1 meeting.  If any information is not received by then, the yearbook will be delayed until such information is received.  Please send your updates to Margaret Woda as soon as possible, including:

  • Changes to your own name, address, phone number, or email address.  (Even if it hasn’t changed since last year, please double-check last year’s book to make sure it was correct in the 2009–2010 book).
  • Programs (from the Program Chair) including a one-sentence bio and another one-sentence description of the program.
  • Projects – Individual project chairs are requested to provide any available info.  For example, scheduled dates for Garden Therapy at the Convalescent Center, or “weeding” dates for the herb garden, etc.
  • Hostesses for 2010–11 –  Already in hand, thanks to Angela Silverstein.
  • Photos, Photos, Photos – What’s a yearbook without photos?  Please send a jpg file for any photo you are willing to share in the yearbook or on the website.
  • Committee Info –  If you have scheduled any activities, please let me know asap so they can be included in the yearbook and on the website.

Again, the deadline is August 25 for the book to be distributed at the September meeting.  National Garden Clubs, Inc. has very specific requirements for the yearbook, so we can’t take any shortcuts.

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