Crofton Gardeners Attend District II Meeting

Margaret Woda, Harriet Kiilehua, Marcia Richard and Patricia Stevenson and eleven other club members attended the meeting and luncheon.

Crofton was well represented at the District II Annual Meeting in Bowie last week, where members of Crofton Village Garden Club and Crofton Greenery Garden Club heard presentations by all the member clubs and District II Committee Chairs.  It was very interesting to learn what different garden clubs have done throughout the year, and CVGC president Harriet Kiilehua was busily taking notes during the reports.  I suspect she’ll share some of her favorites with the club’s new executive board later this month.

Crofton Village Garden Club terrarium created by Harriet Kiilehua

Harriet was busy before the meeting, as well, having volunteered to make a terrarium which included recycled materials in the design.  And Barbara Emden made a beautiful Easter-themed basket of goodies for the Tombola.  (If you don’t know what a Tombola is, watch for a blog post on that topic next week.)

After the wonderful luncheon, there was a presentation on Sogetsu Ikebana – something that Crofton Village Garden Club members have been learning about all year, thanks to Horticulture Chair Joan Para.

One of the highlights of District II meetings is the vendor area in the passageway.  This show was no exception with a display of jewelry, annuals, containers, and unique bird feeders made with old silver pieces (such as gravy bowls and tea pots) mounted on copper poles.

If you’ve never attended a District II meeting in the past, you should make it a point to attend the semi-annual meeting in fall.  It’s a lot of fun to get to know your fellow club-members in a social setting and you’re bound to learn something.

Margaret Woda

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