Crofton Village Garden Club on Twitter

Twitter FollowCrofton Village Garden Club (@CroftonGardener) recently stepped into the social media age by establishing a presence on Twitter.

You’ll also find National Garden Clubs, Inc. (@NatlGardenClubs) posting nearly daily on Twitter, and clubs from Virginia, Hawaii, Georgia, Oregon, New York, California and even Thailand and British Columbia.

Twitter will be a wonderful source of tips on gardening, flower arranging, horticulture, conservation and other topics for our club website.  But club members can follow the club’s Twitter feed on their own and watch for “tweets” matching their own interest.

So come on, Ladies, jump into the social media age.  Follow your garden club on Twitter (@CroftonGardener).

P.S.  If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter and the vocabulary that has grown up around the use of this popular social-media site, here is a link to How to Speak Twitter – A Twitter Glossary on

Margaret Woda

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