CVGC Member Featured in Wall Street Journal

Want to learn more about Crofton Village Garden Club member Kristen Becker?  Just pick up a copy of today’s Wall Street Journal and turn to the Life & Style section.

Or you can click on the link to When Mr. Clean meets Ms. Messy to read the article online.  You’ll learn Kristen’s age, how many children she has, who lives in her home besides her husband and kids, and which spouse is the neatnik (and which is the slob). 

Kristen, we’ll be interested in learning how columnist Elizabeth Bernstein “discovered” you and your husband.

Kristen has been a member of Crofton Village Garden Club since September and she’s already making her mark by volunteering as the Youth Activities Chair for the club.  She’s also slated to be the emcee for our Plant it Pink Fashion Show and High Tea at Crofton Country Club on May 2, 2010.

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