CVGC Learns Sogetsu Method of Ikebana

I am excited about the focus of Crofton Village Garden Club this year on the Sogetsu method of Ikebana from the book by Sofu Teshigahara and Kasumi Teshigahara.

The primary principles of Sogetsu are that anyone can do it, anything can be used, and the finished arrangement is appropriate anywhere.

Ikebana          (istockphoto)

Ikebana (istockphoto)

To me, this means a short walk though my yard will usually yield all that I need to make a flower arrangement; or, if I want something a little special, I can purchase two or three flowers from the local florist. Taking the short time it requires to make an Ikebana arrangement helps me to feel calm in the midst of a busy life, satisfies my need to be creative, and enhances the beauty of my home.

Sogetsu calls for the use of three main branches or stalks called Sushi.  These branches represent heaven, man and earth.   “Shin’s” (heaven’s)  height is one and one half the diameter of the vessel being used for the arrangement.  “Soe” – the branch representing man – is 3/4 the length of “Shin”, and Hikae (earth) is 1/2 the height of Shin.

Once these branches are arranged in the container, I will use a few Jushi, i.e., subordinate flowers or branches, to complete the design. My goal is to display the branches and flowers in a way that enhances their natural beauty.

I am looking forward to seeing the lovely arrangements selected members of Crofton Village Garden Club will design for each of our meetings.

Joan Para, Horticulture Chair


Whether you’re a beginning gardener, a master gardener, or somewhere in between, find out how to join the Crofton Village Garden Club by contacting club president Sunny Frank by email.

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