Planting Pansies in Crofton Maryland

The Better Homes & Gardens website has advice for Crofton Village Garden Club members and any of our neighbors who may be thinking about planting pansies this fall.

Pansies in Bloom


1.  Don’t wait. In fact, plant your pansies this week if you haven’t already.  This will assure plenty of time for them to get established before winter so they’ll survive well and provide lots of colorful blooms in spring as well as now.

2.  Choose healthy plants, in four inch pots or larger, for the same reason.  Their rapidly growing root system will help the pansies get established in the ground or in your pots before winter.

3.  Choose hardy varieties with medium size flowers because, as a general rule, they are more likely to survive the winter than those with large flowers.  A few suggested varieties include Sky, Delta, Bingo, Accord, Crystal Bowl, Prestso, Skyline, Universal and Maxim pansies.

4.  Provide good drainage because you will lose pansies that have too much moisture.  In fact, sometimes they’ll overwinter successfully only to suffer and die as snow and ice begin to melt and soak into the soil.

To maximize the colorful pansy blooms, be sure to deadhead the spent ones as long as the pansies are growing.  Over the winter plants won’t look their best, and you may even lose some of them, but they should come back in Spring.  When that happens, it will be time to dead-head again throughout the growing season.

Your Spring pansies will stay beautiful ‘til May, and you could have them last longer if we have a mild spring, but plan on replacing them with colorful annuals around Memorial Day.

P.S.  If you’re planting your pansies in a decorative pot, be sure to view the video posted a few months ago in 3 Easy Steps to Container Gardening.

Homestead Gardens on Pansies

Margaret Woda


Whether you’re a beginning gardener, a master gardener, or somewhere in between, find out how to join the Crofton Village Garden Club by contacting club president Sunny Frank by email  Membership is limited.

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