How to Build a Rain Barrel for your Crofton Home

Rain barrels collect and store rain water from rooftops in containers for later use, helping to conserve water and prevent “stormwater” runoff. When this runoff is not recycled, it often ends up in our streams and rivers, carrying pollutants and other contaminants into neighboring ecosystems and the Chesapeake Bay.

Crofton Village Garden Club members enjoyed a program on this topic last year and learned that we can either purchase rain barrels or make them from food grade plastic barrels or heavy-duty trash cans. These instructions for building your own barrel were distributed at the meeting, and/or you can view this HGTV video I found on YouTube:


Whether you’re a beginning gardener, a master gardener, or somewhere in between, find out how to join the Crofton Village Garden Club by contacting club president Sunny Frank by email   Membership is limited.

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