Plants Need More than Water

Don't just water... groom your plants, too.  (

Don't just water... groom your plants, too. (

Even the most low-maintenance annuals need some love and attention, as well as water and feeding.

A wise gardener once told me to deadhead my annuals whenever I water them, and it would never become a big chore.  Not only that, but I would have continuous blooms!  (And while I’m at it, she said, just go ahead and remove the damaged leaves.)

If I ever doubted that advice from my grandmother, I don’t any more.

My husband diligently watered our many pots of annuals nearly every day for several weeks while I was particularly busy at work, but I forgot to pass on that advice about deadheading whenever you water.  As a result, the plants soon had almost no blooms, they were leggy, and many leaves were damaged or yellowing.  Some previously gorgeous containers may now be beyond redemption, as to their beauty.  Yet they were growing just fine, thank you, having been watered regularly.

There is a lesson here for all of us… And that’s to listen to the wise gardener’s advice:  deadhead your annuals  and remove any damaged leaves whenever you water them.  Plants need that love and attention to be their best all season.

Margaret Woda


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