Protect Your Roses from Winter

It may be getting too chilly to even think about gardening, but it’s a good idea to do just that if you have roses. It’s important to protect them during the winter.

Flower-Pink Rose


OCTOBER – After October 15, spent roses may be permitted to form hips and not be pruned away.

– After Thanksgiving, canes should be pruned back to 3 or 4 feet to prevent them from blowing in the wind and loosening the soil. Pruned canes can be tied together at the top for added strength, and all dead or fallen rose leaves should be cleaned. Do not put this debris on your mulch or compost pile, in case it contains any blackspot or mildew spores. Instead, bag the debris to put out at your curb with the recyclables in a bag marked with a large X.

DECEMBER – By now it may be the first week of December, and you should mount about 8 inches of dirt around the base of the plant before it gets any colder. You may purchase or make a barrier and fill it with dirt. Fiberglass collars for this advertised are often advertised in gardening magazines. Now you will want to provide a mulch cover for this mound of dirt and the area surrounding your rose bushes.

This information was gleaned from several sources online… I’m not speaking from experience because I don’t have any roses. If any garden club member would like to expand on this topic, please email me with the additional information.

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