Membership in The American Rhododendron Society


Crofton Village Garden Club President Sunny Frank wants you to know that a notice arrived recently from District II about membership in The American Rhododendron Society.

According to their website (, “The American Rhododendron Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage interest in and to disseminate information about the genus Rhododendron.  Members’ experience ranges from novice to expert.  Society activities include public education, flower shows, seed exchanges, scientific studies, and communication through publications and local and national meetings.  ARS chapters are located throughout the United States and Canada and in Denmark, Holland, Scotland, Sweden and Sikkim.”

District II joined as an Honorarium for our speaker at the Semi-Annual Meeting in October 2008.

Sunny will share more information with us at the September meeting, but Crofton Village Garden Club members will enjoy exploring the organization’s website until then (

REMINDER:  If your address, phone number, or email address has changed since the last directory was published, please email it to Margaret Woda at

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If you’re new to Crofton and want to find out about joining the Crofton Village Garden Club, contact President Sunny Frank at 301-261-6181 for information.

Crofton Village Garden Club is a member of Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, District II

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