Metallics in Your Crofton Garden

A copper sundial would be a nice addition to your garden


The Crofton Village Garden Club suggests you put some sparkle in your landscape with the addition of metallic objects.

Copper has long been a garden favorite for its warm patina and rustic grace.  Use it as an accent to areas of your garden that need a little warming up.  Copper has the ability to glow at sunrise and sunset when plated with the warmed colored flowers.  When mixed with cooler colors, it pops out from its green landscape.  This sundial is just one example of how you can dress up your garden with copper.

Some other metals to try in your Crofton garden:

  • Planters made of zink, planted with grasses and evergreens, continue the look.
  • For a cottage look, nothing beats galvanized metal.  Think of a farmhouse tin roof or an old washtub.
  • Aluminum and silver give a clean modern look to the patio.  Whether it’s a dining set, bistro table or a chaise lounge, the gleam of silver tones set the stage for a sophisticated space.

Even the foliage you plant in your Crofton garden can reflect the trend in metallic.  Explore Homestead Gardens, Behnke’s and other local plant nurseries for species that have metallic tones, such as copper sedge and silver Artemisia; group them in areas of your yard that need a little boost of high style.

Source: Crofton Village Garden Club Seeds of Thought, 3/5/2008


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