The Color of Flowers

It’s only natural to get the urge to bring color into your home during the winter months.  Just like we all need sunshine to be healthy and happy, we all need color!  Color has the power to change our mood, affect our emotions and even our health.  Natures’ gift of flowers is one perfectly beautiful way to give yourself a much needed dose of color.

Bring color into your home in the cold months with fresh flowers in a vase


BLUE: The pale blue of hydrangeas or the deep blue of an iris can calm worries and anxiousness and also cools. Blue represents peace and openness.

PINK: Whether you think of delicate pink rosebuds for pink peonies in full bloom the color coveys youth, innocence and joy.

PURPLE: Purple flowers like delphinium, violets and alliums represent royalty, dignity, pride and success.

RED: The color red creates energy. Red roses represent desire, passion, strength and passionate love.

YELLOW: Yellow symbolizes happiness and friendship. Think of sunny daffodils and you’ll know why you’re smiling.

GREEN: Nature itself bursts with green in every shade. It compliments all the other colors and represents health, freshness, optimism and good fortune.

Source unknown


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