Poinsettia Orders Due Nov. 1

Pink PoinsettiaIt is not too early to think Christmas if you would like to have Behnke’s poinsettias delivered right here to Crofton the first week of December!

In fact, orders must be placed before Nov. 1.

Order your poinsettias today from the Crofton Village Garden Club for gifts, your place of business, or your own home.

You can’t match the quality, price and convenience anywhere else!

Four Colors Available:

(Marble is pink and white bi-color)

Red Poinsettia

Three Sizes Available:

3–4 Blooms    $ 8.40

4–6 Blooms    $12.60

7–12 Blooms  $21.00

Sales tax included in prices

Each plant is decorated with a green pot cover and wrapped with a Behnke’s logo protective sleeve.

Remember, orders must be placed before November 1 to qualify for this price and delivery to Crofton.  Contact me at (410) 721–7362 or mwoda@msn.com to request an order form, or contact any member of the club.

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(PHOTOS:  istockphoto.com)

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